I did not do much updating for 2010 – I am so ashamed…HOWEVER since it rained the entire year even if we had success there is no proof because we were not taking pictures in the rain.  Here a just a few from Iowa Games.

Above is Kylie with Jack and Dani with Ben below is Dani with Callie & Ben and Paige with Chicago.  Way to go all of you!  I am disappointed that a few of my other students didn’t even share pictures that they got…Lindsay, Jodi, Shawna….there were no pictures of you guys?  really?

Thanks Lindsay for the ONE of you.  🙂 (right)


Left is RUDI and Bryanna they showed at Ia games 2010 too.  And I know I did receive a great picture of them jumping BUT of course I can not find it.  🙂 They had a challenging weekend but they were there and they finished.   We all had a great time and are planning our strategies for the next show.

OH and by the way….I have a photographer all lined up for 2011 season right Lindsay?  (Right Lindsay’s Mike?)


FANTASY II Dressage Pictures….I didn’t get any photos of Kylie and Jack but we did get a couple of Lindsay and Fannie so that’s what is below.


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