I am terrible about watching, coaching, training AND getting photo’s SO at this point we will be thanking EVERYONE I know for taking photo’s of my group over the season.

This is Ben Pony giving the baby horses a lead at Catalpa’s spring school day.








Change of tack (reduction of tack) Ben doing bareback equitation at the fair.    He and Dani won English Walk Trot Equitation but they didn’t do as well in bareback BEN is really hard to ride bareback.






Bounder had to work and play some between the cool of May and the heat of July.

Tommy got to play cross country horse too!

See the Iowa Games album below for the highlights from that show. It was pretty hot and we all had our moments but overall the horses and students all got along well.

Blade made it to a schooling show also. He was looking might fine under his pilot Jess.