Sketchy Dogs!

Photo Credits – to Brilliant Colors Photography!!!

Our Stud Dog

Casanova lover of Life

Akc Poodle (Moyan) Cass is 21″ at the shoulder and weights 25 lbs. He is Brindle, Parti. And he does love his life. The ONLY time this guy is clean is for his photos! He LOVES to play chase with the kids, the girls, the butterflys…He cools off in the creek, puddles, water tanks, or with the hose. He is bouncy and loves to go on farm walking adventures (especially to the creek) he loves everything about farm life. He is shy and needs to get to know you before he will cuddle but he LOVES to cuddle with his peeps. He sleeps upside down, paws in the air on his bed.

Handsome Man

Our Girls – the Aussie Posse & Friends

Opal Essence – APR Standard Aussie

Opal is Blue Merle with Blue eyes and she weighs around 40 lbs. She is 20″ tall. Opal is a fierce varmint dog and will NOT allow any to pass! She is a loyal companion and will cuddle or work or run or hunt!

Nola Jean – APR Standard Aussie

Nola is red Merle with marble eyes one is most blue the other mostly brown, she is 18″ at the shoulder and weights around 35lbs. Nola belongs to Michele but will seek out any food droppers or petting from attentive visitors. Nola has her novice leg in Barn Hunt – Nola has some some obedience and some herding. (her mom doesn’t let her practice) and she is always willing to help Opal with any “varmint issues”

2nd favorite place is co-pilot
For the win! Moms lap in the truck.

Archangel Grace – ASDR Mini Aussie

Angel is a Mini Aussie and is 17″ and weighs about 20lbs she also has blue eyes. She is a wild child! Angel has a magnificent vertical jump and jumps onto horses with the riders, onto us back piggy back style, into our arms hugging and kissing style. Sometimes when she is really happy to see us she will levitate to mouth height for a quick french kiss. (which I do not like)

Hey mom, can we have breakfast now?
Yay she said yes!!!
When mom?

Tilly Blue Shadow – ASDR Mini Ausie

Toy Aussie and will eventually get to have babies of her own she has two blue eyes and MIGHT make 12″ someday. Tillie is a wild cat trapped in a small dog body. She runs further and faster than all the rest each day. They all take turns playing with her so they all get to rest for a bit.

Phase Dragon – AKC GSD